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New Rules on I95 Express Lanes

New Rules on I-95 Will Affect Travelers Who Use the HOV Lane 

95 Express Lanes Opening in December, Bringing New Rules of the Road

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) today issued a reminder of the changing rules that will go into effect when the 95 Express Lanes open in December.  All drivers, including hybrid vehicles with clean fuel plates and carpoolers, will need an E-ZPass® or E-ZPass® FlexSM to use the Express Lanes.  Trucks with more than two axles will not be permitted to use the lanes.

The I-95/395 HOV lanes are being converted to tolled express lanes for 29 miles between Route 610 in Stafford County and Edsall Road in Fairfax County.  The lanes will use dynamic tolls to keep traffic flowing and provide a more predictable travel option on I-95. Drivers are encouraged to learn how to use the Express Lanes now and obtain an E-ZPass so that they can benefit when the Lanes open.

Here's what carpoolers, drivers of hybrid vehicles with clean fuel plates, truckers and law enforcement need to know about the 95 Express Lanes:


  • Carpools need an E-ZPass Flex
  • Carpools with three or more people can travel toll-free on the Express Lanes with an E-ZPass Flex set to HOV mode.   

E-ZPass Flex works like a standard E-ZPass but allows carpoolers to switch between HOV and toll-paying modes. The switchable E-ZPass Flex lets the Express Lanes operator know which vehicles are HOV-3+ so that they aren't charged a toll.


Make a Plan

95 is Changing - It's Time to get Prepared

When open, the new 95 Express Lanes will bring changes to how you use I-95. To prepare, you need to learn how the Express Lanes could impact your travel and make a plan to get ready now.  For more information click here

Short video from Secretary of Transportation Aubrey Layne

95 Express Lanes

I 95 HOV lanes are being converted to the 95 Express Lanes.  In early 2015 the 95 Express Lanes will span from Stafford County to north of the Capital Beltway providing congestion relief and more predictable travel options in the 1-95 Corridor.  There will be new rules of the road and, if you generally commute this way, you need to learn more and start preparing for these changes.

Key rules:

  • All drivers will need an E-Z Pass to use the lanes
  • HOV-3 vehicles with an E-ZPass Flex st to HOV mode, buses and motorcycles will travel toll-free.  Everyone else will pay a toll to access the Lanes.
  • Driver traveling alone or with one passenger can pay a toll using a regular E-ZPass.
  • Tolls will be dynamic to manage congestion
  • Rules will be in effect 24 hours a day
  • 95 Express Lanes will remain reversible

IF you are a vanpool operator your will need to:

  • If 3 or more occupants, switch your Flex to HOV mode to avoid tolls

Visit 95ExpressLanes.com for more information or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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